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Veranstaltungen (Archiv)
Don, 9. Nov 17, 16:30

Dag Hanstorp (Sweden): Optical levitation - Studies of collision between droplets and a single drop Millikan´s experiment

Optical levitation was first demonstrated by Arthur Ashkin in 1971 when he trapped transparent particles in air using a single vertically aligned, focused laser beam. I will in this seminar present an optical levitation system...

Don, 9. Nov 17, 13:30

Caslav Brukner (Vienna): Bell's theorem for temporal order

In general relativity causal relations between any pair of events is uniquely determined by locally predefined variables – the distribution of matter‐energy degrees of freedom in the events’ past light‐cone. Under the assumption...

Don, 9. Nov 17, 11:30

Alexia Auffèves (France): Rebuilding quantum thermodynamics on quantum measurement

Thermodynamics relies on randomness. In classical thermodynamics, the coupling to a thermal bath induces stochastic fluctuations on the system considered: Thermodynamic irreversibility stems from such fluctuations [1], which also...

Die, 7. Nov 17, 14:00

Barak Dayan (Israel): Passive and deterministic photon-atom gates

Single-photon Raman interaction (SPRINT) is a passive, interference-based effect that creates a deterministic coupling between single photons and a 3-level quantum emitter such as a single atom. As recently demonstrated [1,2],...

Die, 7. Nov 17, 14:00

Harold Steinacker (Vienna): Quantized cosmological space‐times from Yang‐Mills matrix models

We present simple solutions of IKKT‐type matrix models describing quantized homogeneous and isotropic cosmologies with finite density of microstates and a resolved Big Bang (BB). The BB arises from a signature change of the...

Mon, 6. Nov 17, 16:30

Kishan Dholakia UK): Let Nothing slow you down: new directions in optical manipulation

In science fiction, one is quite familiar with the idea of moving objects using laser beams, evoking concepts such as a “tractor beam”. In the laboratory science fiction turns into science fact: a powerful technique known as...

Die, 31. Okt 17, 17:30

Thomas Heuser (VBCF) und Piotr T. Chrusciel (Vienna): Vorträge zum Chemie und Physik-Nobelpreis 2017

Vorträge im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Chemie-Nobelpreis 2017

Dieses Jahr erhalten drei Pioniere der Kryo-Elektronenmikroskopie den Chemie Nobelpreis: Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank und Richard Henderson....

Die, 31. Okt 17, 16:15

Christopher T. Sachrajda (Southampton): Electromagnetic Corrections in Lattice Simulations

4. Vorlesung im Rahmen der "Schrödinger-Gastprofessur 2017"

Mon, 30. Okt 17, 16:30

Sougato Bose (London): From Macroscopic Superpositions to Quantum Gravity

We will start by justifying the importance of creating ever more macroscopic quantum superpositions and the great progress already made in this arena (much of which have been made in Vienna). I will then highlight the convenience...

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